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The Role of Pay Per Click Ads (PPC)


Search engines like Bing and Google offer individuals and businesses top listings in their search results in exchange for payment once the prioritized listings are clicked; hence the name pay per click ads. The sponsored ad spots are sold via auction where you bid the maximum amount you are willing to pay per click, and the top rank is offered to the highest bidder. Meaning that PPC advertising can be expensive and not all businesses can afford it. However, it fills a few important business roles discussed below.


B2B Awareness


If your business services and sales patterns are evaluated after weeks or months, PPC services would be ideal for promoting brand visibility and attracting loyal users. To ensure a good first impression, you are allowed to control the content and ad copies exposed to new users. This way, you optimize to invest in the best clicks and leads at a low price.


Product Listing


Search engines offer special product listing ads for businesses selling a catalog of products. The ads highlight all your products and their images. As such, they tend to be more effective at attracting customers since they can see the products you sell without following links. They just click on the product they are interested in to make a purchase.  Read to learn more about marketing.


Direct response business


If you offer a service or product that can be purchased on your website pay per click ads would be a great CAE Marketing tool. For instance, if you run an online store, you are guaranteed that 90 percent of the clicks will translate to purchases and long term loyal customers. Therefore, remaining at the top of search engines is important to maintain a strong online presence while enjoying a quick return on investment.




Google AdWords allows you to determine the audiences who visit your website but do not take action in regards to making purchases or subscriptions. Remarketing allows you to create ads that target such audiences. You can create images and videos aimed at enticing users to come back and take your preferred action. As such, remarketing is a cost effective advertising strategy that increases your customer base and sales or subscriptions.




Pay per click ads should be handled professionally just like other paid advertising methods. Focus on marketing your brand, be proactive, have a clear and quantifiable short term goal that should help you gather enough customers and publicity even after the PPC ads period expires.